The Best of Electric Knives 2018 – A Full Review

best electric KnivesWait. I know what you’re thinking, but before you start saying that electric knives aren’t useful, and that they promote disaster to your kitchen’s creation – things have changed.

That might be true years back, however, companies have developed better products that have deemed to be a trustworthy partner inside the kitchen’s walls.

Top 10 Best Electric Knives for 2018

Let’s now get our hands dirty – I don’t mean it that way, that’s just gross – and talk about what’s really the best electric knife for this year.


Best Electric Knife Reviews

BLACK+DECKER EK700 9-Inch Electric Carving Knife


BLACK+DECKER-EK700-9-Inch-Electric-Carving-KnifeIt fancies a stainless steel blade that makes it easy to cut through tough meats, bread, and etc. To be precise, they are a 9” Offset Serrated Blades. It has comfort grip handles to make it ergonomically balanced and to give you control when slicing.

It has a safety lock button so that it won’t immediately turn on when it’s being plugged in. And also, it sports a blade release button for easier blade replacement.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Dishwasher-Safe Parts
  • Safety Lock Button
  • Blade Release Button


  • It may come off as a cheap polyethylene plastic drive for its parts
  • It’s loud when being used

Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife


CuisinartCuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife is definitely a remarkable brand. This knife has blades that are of high quality, and it comes with a wood block storage tray.

You’re able to customize it as comes with bread blade and carving blade for different specialty courses. It gives you an ergonomic handle to lessen fatigues. Lastly, it’s built to North American Electrical Standards making it extremely reliable.


  • Wood block storage tray extra
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Includes bread blade and carving blade
  • On/Off Control
  • Safety Button
  • Blade Lock


  • It easily cracks due to its bad design

Rapala Deluxe Electric Fillet Knife AC/DC


Rapala Deluxe Electric Fillet Knife AC/DCIt gives you a relaxed grip housing. This unit has adapters included – to be specific it’s for or 110V AC, 12V Post Clips & 12V Lighter Plug. Rapala has a technologically advanced airflow design and it functions quietly with an 18-foot power cord.


  • Relaxed Grip Body
  • Advanced Air Flow Design
  • Quiet Long-Lasting Motor
  • 6” and 7-1/2” reciprocating blades


  • Its trigger apparatus is pretty hard to operate

Oster Electric Knife with Carving Fork and Storage Case


Oster FPSTEK2803B Electric Knife with Carving Fork and Storage CaseThis unit has a lot of freebies – it has a custom storage case and fork as part of the package. Oster made this knife with a special cutting tip for harder food. Also, its blade is a removable stainless steel.


  • It has carving fork and storage case
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Can carve hard areas


  • Knife may get too hot for use

Hamilton Beach 74250


Hamilton Beach 74250It doesn’t take much of space, and it gives a firm grip handle. It comes with stainless steel blades and carving for an extra. And finally, this unit is best when used for carving meat and slicing bread.


  • Space-saving
  • Nonslip trigger
  • North American Electrical Standards
  • Perfect for all types of bread


  • It’s not user friendly as it’s difficult to keep the trigger on while carving at the same time

Hamilton Beach 74275


Hamilton Beach 74275The case has a compact design for easy storage. Like its previous unit, it comes with stainless steel blades and carving fork. Also, it still carries the same of use of carving meat and slicing bread.


  • Perfect for bread
  • Compact design
  • Includes carving fork
  • Stainless steel blades


  • Blade isn’t long enough to cut turkey
  • Handle is hard to fit in your hand

Hamilton Beach 74375N


Mister Twister 120V Electric KnifeThe last of Hamilton Beach product we’ll be reviewing, it has a relatively good color. It has a versatile blade and fork, and it saves space for storage keeping. This has been enhanced as it has a bread guide for consistent slices.


  • Space-saving storage case
  • Bread guide
  • Multipurpose blade and fork
  • Perfect for bread slicing


  • Handle design makes it difficult for continuous cutting

Mister Twister MT-1208 Mr Twister SW Piranha Knife


Mister Twister MT-1208 Mr Twister SW Piranha KnifeI’m quite amused by its comical packaging. Mister Twister is a known innovator of electric fish cleaning technology. It’s made to handle the tough scales of fishes. Considering it has 25% more torque and 15% speed than other knives.


  • 9″ heavy duty stainless steel blade
  • 25% more torque
  • 15% added speed
  • Extremely sharp blade


  • It has documented faulty switches

Elite Cuisine EK-570B Maxi-Matic Electric Knife


Elite Cuisine EK-570B Maxi-Matic Electric KnifeElite Cuisine shows off two serrated blades that’s made for bread and meat. It’s being sported with a sleek design, and a convenient eject switch. It’s one of those easy-to-clean knives for added convenience.


  • Precision slicing
  • Easy-to-reach eject button
  • Two serrated stainless steel blades
  • Ideal for bread, cheese, and meat


  • Switch is hard to get a hold on

Mister Twister 120V Electric Knife


Mister Twister 120V Electric KnifeIt comes with the color Green and Yellow. It also has an amazing twister capability that features 120V AC. The blade is pretty much easy to release which is good. And of course, it has a safety lock.


  • Cuts like a samurai
  • Legendary Mister Twister action
  • Safety lock
  • Convenient blade release


  • It puts pressure on the wrist since it’s hard to operate

Electric knives: Do You Really Need It?

Electric knives have only started gaining popularity in 1970s. So, yes. People have survived by only using non-electrical powered knives for centuries. So, why do you need it? Just like what other electric-powered things are for, it’s mostly for your convenience.

Holidays are up, and of course, it’s your turn to host the family gathering. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if you got the turkey or pork roast out, and you started struggling on trying not to mess up the chunks of meat while everyone is looking anxiously at you?  You would then know why electric knives are a gift from the heavens.

I’ve been in that situation, it wasn’t nice at all. Especially when you’re trying to impress your brother on who’s the better host –apparently that’s not me. You see, I was already introduced to an electric knife not too long ago, but they didn’t end up well.

You can say my relationship with them wasn’t stable at all.  However, when word got out, companies actually made really good ones these days. And after a couple tries, I’ve learned to love it. It really is for your convenience!

So, what’s the catch?

Regarding one what I’ve stated, one paragraph before, that’s only the case when you’ve got the best electric knives on the market. If not, you’ll experience a couple of drawbacks from your cutlery.

For the blades of the electrical knives, you often have to change it from one blade to another. But you’re prone of bending the material during the shift of steels, after you’ve felt that there’s something slightly different, you won’t be able to use its function properly.

Also, since electric-powered knives are classified as light duty machines, your slicing motion won’t be as smooth as you’d expect it to be. There will be an on-and-off rhythm when you’re carving, making it frustrating at your end.

Good news is, there are better electric knives that are design for a continuous flow. Taking out from that statement alone, finding the best one, is the goal.

The shortcomings don’t stop there – there’s more! What you’ll commonly experience in an electric knife is that its blade need a little bit more attention. It’s not surprising if your blade dulls right away even though you just bought the unit.

For example, if you were to run your unit onto a ceramic plate, you’re sure to have a dull knife immediately after. It dulls the tip of your electrical knife making it impossible for it to run effectively every again – that’s unless if you decide to change the blades, but there’s also a risk of bending it.

On the bright side, unlike some traditional knives, they’re dishwasher safe (No, you don’t clean them up while they’re being plugged). Since the blades are removable, all you have to do is run the blade over to the dishwasher, and you’re done!

Well…there’s something you have to do first though. You’ve got to remove the edge of the blade in process. It’s not a lot of work, but it still requires work.

What do you get in return then?

I haven’t been saying the nicest things about electric knives as far as this article is going, but there are good sides to it. Hey, it’s not my fault I want to tell you guys an honest review on what’s the pros and cons of owning one.

By now, you’re aware of what choosing an incapable knife would be. But there’s a lot of good in amidst the bad once you’ve gotten over those. The best thing about getting the best electrical knife for your aid – okay, I said best twice – is that it’ll make cutting tough meats incredibly shorter!

Ordinarily, owners of modern kitchens would have one stacked neatly on the countertop. These are widely known for their utility and convenience. As a matter of fact, this does not limit to only modern kitchens. This is also being greatly used by campers and fishermen.

Indeed, it’s revolutionary. For what takes a regular knife an hour to chop a couple of fruits and vegetables, it will only take an electric knife half an hour to do the job.

You’re able to prepare food faster than your normal timeframe as the knife will automatically do the work for you, assuming you’ve got a really powerful electric knife at your aid. In all fairness, cutting up tougher meat, fruits and vegetables are now easier to do.

General Thoughts On Electric Knives

Overall, their usefulness depends on your kitchen needs. But I must say, it’s relatively beneficial for your everyday grind – it makes work a whole lot easier. But I wouldn’t recommend using an electric knife on small fruits like strawberries, that’s just completely unnecessary.

The function of an electric knife is automating the process of cutting and carving. If you haven’t seen an electric knife before – which I know is impossible, because internet – it has a direct to the point design.

An electric knife’s aesthetics has two distinct design, its handle and blade. That means once the blade starts to wear out, you can conveniently replace them with a new sharp blade making it seem like a brand-new unit once again.

Not only that, but you’re able to change the blade into different types such as a “bread blade” or a “carving blade” as there are companies who offer that kind of feature – hey, it saves you the time and money of having to purchase new knives.

They’re pretty much made to add to your accessibility, that’s why you’ll find the motor on the knife’s handle. It gives the electric knife, well, electricity to power the blade into function.

Let’s see how it fares: Electric Knives vs Traditional Knives

Traditional knives are common in kitchens, but since we’re always looking forward for innovation and technology, let’s see how it puts up to our old-school knife. I’ve mentioned before that using this great power would be an overkill, but it sure does the job well.

It’s true that traditional knives are able to do what electric knives can, but there are just tasks that would sit perfectly well when using an electric knife. One of the best example is getting clean cuts.

Since electric knives function on its own, you’re able to focus more on getting the accurate angle to getting clear and precise slices every time. You’ll be amazed by the consistency of each cut, allowing you to prepare an array of delicacies gracefully.

Let’s compare it to our regular kitchen knife – it’s impossible to get consistent slices every time. And to anyone who has tried cutting using a traditional knife (which is everyone who’s reading this) you would know how each cut will vary from the rest.

Okay, assuming that you’re a professional cook, you might have gathered experience on getting neatly done slices on each swing, but for those who aren’t, the introduction of electric knives to their kitchen carries a big potential.

This is especially excellent when used to cut those hard vegetables. It could make slicing squashes a breeze! Nobody wants to battle against its hard-to-cut skin, it’s a real struggle. Furthermore, it eats up your time at the kitchen whereas you could be doing something else.

In addition to those stated above, if you got yourself the best electric knife, you’re able to slice yourself out to almost anything. I’m more after the time saved than anything else, baked poultry will be an easy kill.

It’s safety first!

Another thing I want to emphasize on is that the best electric-powered knives promotes safety. In the kitchen, it’s not surprising if you’ve already tried to accidentally cut yourself when you’re dicing up onions…I personally hate those. Blood gushing out from your finger isn’t a pretty sight to see.

But since using electrical knives makes it easier for you to maneuver, and it can exceptionally cut through virtually any food you’re preparing, you’ll be able to save yourself from injuries at the kitchen. Which I think is just the greatest, you don’t have to spend on band aids!

It’s always sharp

Electrical knives are always sharp, but I don’t want you to misunderstand what I’m saying. It might be always sharp, but it doesn’t stay sharp. Traditional knives have the tendency to have a regular maintenance schedule – you have to sharpen recurrently.

But unlike old-school knives, these electrical ones are replaceable, making these knives always sharp. In reality, this actually is for your convenience. Replacing their blades with new ones is easier to do than by sharpening them on schedule. It’s less physical work!

And as a nifty feature, you’re able to purchase custom blades for different purposes. These blades may be for cutting meat, vegetables, or even baked poultry. Specialty blades are at your advantage as you can instantly whip up the ones you need for the occasion.

Economically friendly

At first, I was actually expecting it to cost more than the regular knives. Because it has the word “electric” in it – don’t judge me on how I get my basis, okay? But to my great joy, they’re actually cheaper than mid high to high range regular knives.

Well, does it compensate for its quality?

No, not really. You see, traditional knives carries a heavy weight of bringing prestige to its company. And they are usually in need of a certain degree of craftsmanship in order to the perfect their brand’s new creation.

Manufacturers are able to get away with putting up a higher price for regular kitchen knives because it serves as their flagship. Also, it has a lot of inside job expenses for it to be popular among the people.

It’s not a permanent fix

I just want to clarify that I’m not telling you guys that you should replace all of your knives and make them automated, but rather I want to express that they’re meant to coexist in the same kitchen. They’re made to complement.

If you decide to add electrical knives into your arsenal, then it would only enhance your performance in the kitchen. It can only do so much as these knives are special utility units intended for certain situations only.

Promotes a healthier time cooking

When there’s a volume of work to be done, fatigue is always a concern. Using a traditional knife to face bulk of tasks is hard. And depending on the person using it, it might be even impossible when there’s too much chore to finish.

Arm strength is an issue, and unfortunately, it varies for everyone. Even then, no matter how firm the arm is, it’s going to cause a problem sooner or later. Exhausting yourself may even lead to wrist pain or arthritis.

In this case, the value of owning an electrical knife significantly increases. You can never trade your health for something else. It will prove its worth when your job requires you to stay at the kitchen the entire day. Especially so, if you have wrist concerns.

So if somehow you’re stuck with bulks of tasks, it’s going to be a great idea to grab your best electrical knife available as it can swiftly cut through the food in question in a cinch.

Quick Recap: Summary on its benefits


You’re able to cut neater, consistent slices using electrical knives.

Easy-to-replace blades

There will no sharpening of blades as it can be replaced anytime you feel like it’s starting to act dull.


It’s basically made for the hustle, you’ll be able to prepare food with a faster turnaround time.


You don’t have to put pressure on it like traditional knives, the power of electricity will do that for you.


Blades can be customized depending on what your need is on that specific day.

No wrist pain

Since the knife does all the work for you, arthritis is not going to be an issue no matter how big the volume is.

Choosing an Electrical Knife: What are you searching for?

We’ve pretty much covered the basics on what it is and what its benefits are. Now, it’s time go deeper and check out what we’re looking for in a good, capable knife.

Do you want to go cordless?

You’ll be faced with two different types of electrical knives. To put it simply, you can either go for cordless or with cord. Yes, both of them do the job just fine, but one offers a different experience from the other.

If you’re stuck between choosing between power and portability here are some in-depth details that may enlighten you:

Cordless, being the one that’s portable, are great for carrying around with you when you’re traveling or for outdoor activities – this type is made for that reason alone. However, despite making transportability its greatest strength, it doesn’t sit well with supremacy.

Since these are battery-operated, and they don’t have a continuous supply of power, they have the tendency of affecting its cutting performance once its power starts to drop. This is not ideal for a busy kitchen on a regular day.

On the other hand, if you would rather purchase the type that fancies a cord, then you’ll fundamentally have unlimited power at your disposal. However, it comes with a price. You’ll have to sacrifice your movability.

If you still haven’t decided, you’re able to purchase electrical knives which are able to switch from one type to the other. So, I guess that settles that – you don’t have to keep scratching your head on which type to buy.

Checking out the type’s features

There are factors that will play a huge role in your cutting experience. If you plan on buying knives which are cordless, you need to check out its battery life – is it long enough to last you?

I’m guessing you don’t want to keep on changing the dead batteries with new ones just because its battery life is dying in the middle of slicing, right? Make sure you’ve taken note of how long it can provide you power and estimate it accordingly.

Of course, if you opt to go with the corded knives, then take into account the length of the wire. Before purchasing one, you should first have measured your kitchen’s set up so that you wouldn’t have portability frustrations in the future.

Know what material you’re looking for

Buying a unit that’s going to last long is always the goal when you go out knife-shopping, that’s why you should always go for knife materials that’s stainless steel.

Although these days, there are other components that make an electrical knife, but if you want your knife to be able to resist rusts, discoloration, and tarnish – I’d say go for stainless steel.

Types of blades to choose from

These have blade kits for customization on slicing specialty food. Before I assemble the blade to the knife, I always check its length as it could tell what the blade is for. For instance, if its length is 7.5 then it’s ideal for filleting fish.

There are also blades that are for slicing bread and poultry, you may find the length information together with the package. It’s always best if you do a background research first before you start buying anything in the market.

Comfort matters

Choosing a handle that you’re comfortable with is everything. Looking at it in a long-term aspect, you’d really want to choose a handle that’s ergonomically capable.

The fact that you’re dealing with an electric knife, vibrations are going to get bothersome. This is most especially the case if you’re going to spend hours of using it. So if you’ve managed to get hold of a knife that lessens the vibration, it’s good as sold.

Also, handles are the gateway of sustaining lesser cuts. I suggest you should always purchase a knife that’s smartly designed. With that being said, the control buttons should be near the handles so you could operate it safely.

Safety Features

Don’t get an electrical knife that doesn’t have a locking trigger. This functions as a way to protect any children in the house from injuring themselves – the double locking mechanism is a must for the best electrical knife.

Choose dishwasher safe

No one really has the time of the day to clean it manually after all those bulk tasks done, as this is considered as a “convenience” item, it should live up to its name by being dishwasher safe. Simply putting it in the dishwasher for a cleanup doesn’t at all sound bad, right?

Choose your own style

You’re going to use it for a longtime, it’s only natural you’d find a knife that suits you best. After all, cooking is a form of expression, so it’s not surprising that the knife should be of your liking, too.

Since kitchens have themes, it’d be fun to choose a knife that would complement the subject. Let’s say you own a catering business, then it’s only natural you’d want to impress your clients by carrying around a professional-looking knife.

Or if you’re just like me, and want to impress your family with your mad cooking skills, then go for a knife that’s stylish in appearance. I think it is okay to make everyone jelly once in a while, I mean, it does carry finesse on to the table.

Freebies are always fun!

I don’t know with you guys, but I make sure that my set has these added extras. Because who doesn’t like free stuff? There are packages that have extra handles, cords, and wooden storage blocks for your knife, cords, and a whole lot more.

By the way, these extras could also mean additional features. There are companies who put in multiple speed settings so you could control the power level.

Closing the Case

At this point, you might’ve noticed that there’s a defective trend on these knives – its handles. I’m not saying that all of them have that problem, but there’s definitely a considerable amount that has it.

Always read the reviews before you purchase your knife as people’s experiences will allow you to testify if it’s worth buying or not. Think of long-term use that is still able to please you with its design.

Electric knives are useful if you bought the right one, and to help you on getting more knowledge about them, I’ve got you a YouTube video that’s made by Barbecue Tricks. It shows you a guide on what kind of knife you should get.

Don’t worry, it’s a fun video. It also shows a demo on how to do it! It sure beats reading this article, and it’s only a couple of minutes long.


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