Save Money: 15 Knife Care Tips

Knife Care TipsUse plastic or wood cutting boards.

Refrain from using ceramic cutting boards and other types as it will dull your knives faster.

Hone and sharpen your knives regularly.

Put it on schedule.

Get a suitable knife block

Never place your knives just anywhere.

Use them for what they’re for

Don’t use them as chisels or other tools.

Test your knife’s sharpness with a piece of paper

A razor-sharp blade is important.

Use multiple whetstones for sharpening

It’ll help you understand blades better.

Develop a good cutting technique

Unnecessary movements will make your knife dull quicker.

Low-quality knives just need sharpening and honing

Knowing how to do it is the trick.

Correct strokes are the key to using whetstones

Excessive strokes don’t do it any favors.

Hand wash your knives

Dishwashing may be easier, but it’s not recommended.

Clean your knives after using

Salt and acid causes discoloration and rust.

Never leave them on the kitchen sink

Promotes scratches on the blade; keep them immediately.

Separate them from other utensils

If utensils accidentally rub together, it’ll make them dull.

Wipe your knives

Prevent molds and mildew by keeping them dry.

Keep them oiled after wiping them

Carbon kitchen knives particularly need this.

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